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About CBN

The Children's Bereavement Network (CBN) is a non-profit organization that sponsors Camp Live, Laugh, Love for children grieving the death of a significant loved one in their life. This camp is FREE! Because of donations from caring people in our communities, there is no cost to you or your child. A caring group of trained professionals and volunteers have come together to help children realize that "IN LIFE THERE IS HOPE".

Our goal is to provide a safe environment in which children can explore and express their grief. Grieving is unique for each child and they grieve differently at each stage of development. Children's Bereavement Network works with children ages 8 - 13. At this age children are struggling with their own self-concept. The death of a loved one creates a huge disruption in their lives and leads them to question their own mortality. They may even feel responsible for the death. Sometimes their grief is seen in their schoolwork, hostility toward peers and family, and avoidance of previously enjoyable activities. They may withdraw; have sleep disturbances such as insomnia, nightmares, refusal to sleep alone or excessive sleep. Somatic problems such as headaches, abdominal pain and chest pain may also arise.

What Happens at Camp?

At Camp Live, Laugh, Love children learn healthy grieving habits and positive coping skills. They relate to other children with similar feelings and confide in a teen buddy, who listens to their needs and concerns. We also have fun activities like rock wall climbing, water activities,a low ropes course, sports, campfires, and therapeutic crafts which enhance their experience with laughter and encourage them to have fun without guilt. All meals, lodging, camp shirt; in short; everything is included at absolutely no cost to the camper.

How is the Camp Funded?

The camp is funded by charitable donations, grants, and a variety of fund-raising activities. All teens, adults, and staff are volunteers and are not paid for their services.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The annual expense to fund the camp and reunion is approximately $15,000, which includes outreach activities, and all materials involved with making camp a reality.