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"Nathan really enjoyed the weekend! I believe he saw that it was ok to go on living and have fun. His anger has subsided and he seems to be able to concentrate better in school. Nathan connected with the rope the most. The groups just enforced that he is not the only child that has lost their father or the only child still hurting. I loved the balloon release! It was emotional for me and my family."

parent, 2013

"Camp was really fun. I learned it is ok to cry. It was awesome doing all those activities, and if I had to tell anybody about it I would tell them it is the best camp ever."

camper, 2013

"I really liked camp because by having fun and talking about the person you lost, it really helps.  Going to camp was a really fun experience. I made new friends. I saw how other people lost a parents and I lost a grandma. If I could, I would bring their loved ones back. I would tell another child that they would have lots of fun. And they might get a little tense, but that's OK. Something I can't wait for is going back to be a teen buddy."

2013 camper

"Words cannot describe how much this camp has changed my life. I recommend this camp to anyone who is grieving over the loss of a loved one and wants to make new friends and, of course, have fun.  I feel like a whole new person since I first came to Camp Live, Laugh, Love."

camper from 2013

“I feel this camp was a wonderful experience for my twins. They are still talking about it, and look- read- and show off their books. Thank you.” 

Grayling, MI

"The experience was a very good one for the whole family and I hope our other grandkids can go next year."

Roscommon, MI

"I learned you can have fun even when it’s a sad time."

Camper, 2010

"I learned it’s OK to cry."

Camper, 2011

"I like the fact that each individual child had their own "teen buddy" for the entire weekend!"